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Team Building

Large Group Bookings

All you need is a willingness to put your heads together and try something new. We supply the game, a game master, and 60 minutes of challenging fun. Good for 2-8 players per room. We have nine rooms across two locations to split larger groups between.


Problem-solver: focuses on clues and progress
Communicator: informs group and makes connections
Coordinator: strategises and organises
Motivator: encourages and supports
Competitor: tracks time and progress

Large group booking promotion


- Minimum player number: 20 players

- 6-8 players per game

- Full payment must be made at least 24 hours prior to the booking to receive this discount.


20-40 players = $45 per player

41 + players: = $40 per player

*This promotion is conditional and cannot be negotiated.

Team Building Exercises
Childrens Escape Room Parties

Children's Birthdays

Kid's Birthday Pricing

Birthday Party Pricing


Ages 8-16 years old

Birthday pricing is for 8-16 year olds birthdays.

One birthday game is $320 (and covers 7-8 children).


- Birthday pricing is not automatically applied. It will be applied on the day of the event when final numbers are confirmed. Simply pay with the minimum deposit when booking online. Please call us if you wish to discuss the party in more detail.


*We do not have extra birthday add ons to the escape room experience. For example, we do not have any food & drinks at the venue

*This promotion is conditional and cannot be negotiated.



We have nine games suitable in theme for birthdays.


Parramatta Locations:

They are The Wizard Chambers, CR-18, Toy Rescue, The Witch’s Curse, The Pharaoh’s Tomb and Underland.

Toy Rescue and The Wizard Chambers are our most popular games for kid’s groups. They are the friendliest themed games but just as difficult as our others!


Macquarie Park Location:

We have Murder in the Mob and the Motel of Madness

The difficulties of the games vary but these are all child friendly in theme with nothing too scary!


Do you host parties?

We do not host birthday parties, but escape rooms are a very popular activity to celebrate a birthday! We only have the escape rooms to offer!


Can we bring food?

O'Connell Street Parramatta and Macquarie Park do not have any room for teams to stay before or after their game.

Church Street Parramatta has space for teams to stay back for half an hour after their game to cut cake and sing happy birthday. We ask that parties do not bring more than this as we cannot have players stay longer than half an hour after their game without affecting our other games. 

Download Birthday Invitations!

O'Connell Street, Parramatta

The Wizard Chambers

The Doll House


Church Street, Parramatta


Toy Rescue

The Witch's Curse


The Pharaoh's Tomb

Wick's Road, Macquarie Park

Murder in the Mob

Motel of Madness

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