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Escape Room Macquarie Park Sydney
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Customers can book on our website or over the phone.

You will need to pay a minimum deposit of $60 when you book. The remaining balance can be paid on the day of your event. 

On the day of the event you will not be locked into paying for the number of players you selected upon booking- only the players who actually attend! However, we do require 24 hours notice if you have booked multiple games and need to cancel one of them.

For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions.


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Our Games

Our Games

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Escape Rate: 67%

In an abandoned house the witching hour has triggered a series of frightening phenomena. Doors are opening by themselves, the floorboards are creaking, knocking can be heard beyond the walls. 

Can you banish the dark entity or will you be tormented forever?

Game Duration: 60 minutes

This a horror themed room. Some satanic imagery present in this game.

Age Restriction: 13+

WARNING: This game requires some crawling has strobe lighting and loud noises and vibrations - please let your game master know if you need an alternative pathway.

We offer a duplicate of The Witching Hour. Book both sessions within the same hour to compete head to head against your family and friends

Scram Escape Rooms Murder in the Mob gun and article

Escape Rate: 71%

In an attempt to gain power over the city's underworld, you and your fellow gang members have broken into the hideout of the Castello gang and executed a hit on several key mobsters.

After your escape, you realise that you've dropped your glove, which could lead police straight to you! Go back, get the evidence, get out.

*Revamped from The Crime Scene, Parapark.

Game Duration: 60 minutes


Escape Rate: 63%

You and your team are on a road trip when a terrible storm hits. You decide to find accommodation for the night, but only one bed and breakfast is available in the area.

It is an unusual venue and the host makes it very clear that you're not to go exploring past any red doors.


But what do you do... you go exploring... And this bed and breakfast makes it very hard to go back.

*Revamped from The Mad Landlord, Parapark

Game Duration: 60 minutes

About Scram Escape Rooms, Macquarie Park

Challenge Yourselves

It is Scram Escape Rooms mission to provide social, fun, magical and interactive experiences to our customers! 

We have four games at Macquarie Park to offer YOU!

We have two identical games of The Witching Hour so that large teams can split and play the same game, at the same time!

Your team will have 60 minutes to work your way through the puzzles in the themed game world's in order to 'escape' or complete a mission. 

This was previously ParaPark Sydney. The Witching Hour is an entirely new game and the Crime Scene and Mad Landlord have been re-vamped, Scram-Style.

Scram Escape Rooms Murder in the Mob TV


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