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Customers can book on our website or over the phone.

You will need to pay a minimum deposit of $60 when you book. The remaining balance can be paid on the day of your event. 

On the day of the event you will not be locked into paying for the number of players you selected upon booking- only the players who actually attend! However, we do require 24 hours notice if you have booked multiple games and need to cancel one of them.

For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions.


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Our Games

Our Games

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Escape Rate: 66%

In the Wizarding World there are rumours of three magical artefacts that can give immense power to the possessor. You get word that some wizards, suspected of being supporters of dark magic, are going in search of the artefacts tonight. 


You have one hour to secure the artefacts before the dark wizards begin their search!

Game Duration: 60 minutes

We offer a duplicate of The Sorcerer's Secret. Book both sessions within the same hour to compete head to head against your family, friends and colleagues. 

About Scram Escape Rooms, Penrith

Challenge Yourselves

It is Scram Escape Rooms mission to provide social, fun, magical and interactive experiences to our customers! 

We currently have 1 game to offer YOU!... With a few more to come.

We have two identical games of The Sorcerer's Secret so that large teams can split and play the same game, at the same time!

Your team will have 60 minutes to work your way through the puzzles in the themed game world's in order to 'escape' or complete a mission. 



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